Seating Arrangement

Yes, you imagined it right.  This topic is just about the arrangement of seats in particular  sequence like in a row, around a square or circular table, facing towards or away from each other.

I’ll introduce you a simple person in his own words, ” Hi, I am weirdo (==§==), you’ll be learning the Seating Arrangement topic with me as a key person.”

Let’s start from people in a row.   Consider there are 4 people in a row, just count the position of 2nd person(that weirdo symbol… hehe ) from both the side i.e. 2nd from left side and 3rd from right side.

___     ==§==     ___     ___

position_from_left + position_from_right = Total + 1

Just remember above simple thing, may be you’ll need it in future for solving some problems in exams or real life in case you are having fun in a row.

Again consider following weird symbol as person at a position in a row, now with that person we’ll study its neighborhood like all people on left or immediate left, all people on his right or immediate right.

__A__     ==§==     __C__     ___     ___     ____     __Z__             —–> My weird row of people

So, following are simple googly words from an examiner that my confuse you little bit if you don’t read them properly and the examiner will have a chance to eat your mark, Anyways, you are going to win if you just remember to understand the googly words properly

  1. Immediate left –> In the above sequence of weird people, A is on immediate left of our beloved weirdo.
  2. Immediate right –>  C  is on immediate right of weirdo.
  3. from C to Z all people are on right of our weirdo.
  4. only A is immediate left as well as on left of weirdo

…………………. I am yet to complete the full story, Stay Tuned, Bye Bye.

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