Preferred Sequence to learn CSAT

To score more marks and create interest in learning Aptitude in an easy way please follow following sequence:

1. Direction Sense.
2. Seating Arrangement.
3. Calendar.
4. Blood Relations.
5. Clocks.
6. Percentages.
7. Profit and Loss.
8. Ratio and Proportions.
9. Partnership.
10. Averages and Mixtures.
11. Problems on Ages.
12. Letter Series.
13. Coding and decoding.
14. Number Series.
15. Number System.
16. Time Sequencing and Ranking.
17. Time, Speed and Distance.
18. Problems on Trains and Boats.
19. Time and Work.
20. Pipes and Cisterns.
21. Deduction and Syllogisms.
22. Permutation and Combination.
23. Probability.
24. Data Interpretation (including graphs and charts).
25. Data Sufficiency.
26. Logical Connectives.
27. Cubes.
28. Dices.
29. Non-Verbal.
30. Analytical Puzzles 1 and 2.

Every topic enlisted above will be taught to you in detail so that you can easily score maximum marks in most of the competitive exams and in campus placements and off campus exams also (for engineers etc…)

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