Que 1- Biodiversity forms the basis for human existence in the following ways : (UPSC CSE 2011 – Environment related)

1. Soil formation
2. Prevention of soil erosion
3. Recycling of waste
4. Pollination of crops

Select the correct answer using the codes given below :
(a) 1, 2 and 3 only
(b) 2, 3 and 4 only
(c) 1 and 4 only
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Answer – (d)

Explanation :

Biodiversity is the sum total of diversity that exist at all levels of biological organization.
Biodiversity plays the role in the field of ecology, economy and science for human beings.
Hence all options are correct.

Que 2- Which one of the following is not a site for in-situ method of conservation of flora? (UPSC CSE 2011)

(a) Biosphere Reserve

(b) Botanical Garden

(c) National Park

(d) Wildlife Sanctuary

Answer – (b)

Explanation :
In situ conservation implies conservation within an organism’s natural habitat.
In a botanical garden, plants are grown away from their natural habitat mainly for research purposes.

Que 3 – Consider the following statements : (UPSC CSE 2011)

1. Biodiversity is normally greater in the lower latitudes as compare to the higher latitudes.

2. Along the mountain gradients, biodiversity is normally greater in the lower altitudes as compared to the higher altitudes.

Which of the statement given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) both 1 and 2

(d) neither 1 nor 2

Answer – (c)

Explanation :

Higher latitude – Monotonicity of climate, therefore limited set of flora white in lower latitude, luxuriant flora great diversity due to favorable growing climate and complex ecosystem.
Apply Same concept in statement 2.

Que 4 – Two important rivers – one with its source in Jharkhand (and known by a different name in Odisha), and another, with its source in Odisha – March at a place only a short distance from the caused by bay of Bengal before flowing into to the sea. This is an important site of wildlife and biodiversity and protected area. (UPSC CSE 2011)

Which one of the following could be this?

(a) Bhitarkanika

(b) Chandipur-on-sea

(c) Gopalpur-on-sea

(d) Simlipal

Answer – (a)

Explanation :
Bhitarkanika is located in Odisha. It lies in the estuarine region of Brahmani – Baitarani Rivers.

Que 5 – A Sandy and saline area is natural habitat of an Indian animal species. The animal has no predators in that area but it existence is threatened due to destruction of its habitat. Which of which one of the following could be that animal? (UPSC CSE 2011)

(a) Indian wild buffalo

(b) Indian wild Ass

(c) Indian wild boar

(d) Indian Gazelle

Answer – (b)

Explanation :
Indian wild Ash in located in the sand saline region of Kutch area.
Indian wild buffalo survives in Terai region.

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