In this post you’ll get upsc, mpsc syllabus and their booklist with some points to consider while refering this booklist.  Please go through this post carefully and decide your favourite books and strategy accordingly.  You can visit our Tips and Strategy for getting an outline for preparing a strategy.

UPSC Syllabus please visit UPSC Syllabus & Book List.

For MPSC State Services detailed Syllabus Analysis and Booklist please visit MPSC-State-Service Syllabus.

MPSC Combined Exam (PSI / STI / ASO) गट- ब पूर्व / मुख्य Syllabus Analysis आणि Booklist साठी MPSC Combined Exam (PSI / STI / ASO) गट- ब पूर्व / मुख्य Syllabus वर जा.

Important points to consider

One of the most important thing is clearing basic concepts from highschool level NCERT’s in case of UPSC and state board books for other state level exams.

And depending upon the syllabus of the particular you may go for some selected topics of 11th and 12 th.

Another most important thing that will determine your future is sticking to the same source or book for particular subject and revising it as many times as you can.

Remember, there are many books for same subject and you should choose one according to your syllabus and requirement of the exam. Like, if the exam demands straight forward facts then there is no requirement of reading very comprehensive reference books.

Understand your syllabus first, it is recommended to memorise word for word of your syllabus.  This will help you to know which portion to read and which to skip from various sources. 

It’s is better to keep track in tabular form of previous year questions as per topics so that you can mark scoring topics for extra revisions.

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