Hello my friend, you are doing pretty well. You came here in the search of a perfect upsc preparation strategy, right ? But do you know, perfect strategy for upsc, mpsc or any exam never exists because we all are different. At the same time, there’s a good news as well because there are best strategies which suits every individual in their own ways.

Now, we’ll combine many proven ways which makes an average aspirant into a successful officer. Let’s start with the following simple steps:


  1. Make a TIMETABLE and be loyal to it, as it is your only best friend
  2. Divide everything in 4 parts, i.e. One year into 3 months each, or two years into 6 months of one part (like u r writing quadrants in math’s).
  3. Now, divide whole syllabus into four big parts, and put them in each of the quadrant.
  4. Again, divide every quadrant into smaller chunks as per your convenience.  I would suggest first some months to give for understanding the exam, syllabus, what to read and specially what not to, Art of reading newspaper and completing all relevant NCERT’s from class 6th to 12th.
  5. One most used flexible timetable and imp strategies will be posted under TIPS & STRATEGIES section.
  6. Once, you have completed first quarter, It’s time to choose optional subject and start working on it (expecting you were checking MAINS questions and answer writing while doing second revision of first quadrant.
  7. Give minimum 3 to 4 months for preparation of optional subject.  Because it’s level would be of post-graduation so it needs more detailed and specialized study.
  8. Finished learning maximum part of optional, then it’s perfect time for giving full attention to preliminary exam only.
  9. For preliminary, revise all the topics you studied again and again.  Solve daily question paper (PYQ’s and other) or you can create your own question with your friends etc, NEVER IGNORE CSAT.
  10. To prepare for CSAT, our CSAT / Aptitude section would be fully sufficient to guarantee you the clearance of CSAT i.e. PAPER-II of prelims.  You may follow any topic to learn aptitude but the recommended way is here:  Preferred Sequence to Learn Aptitude / CSAT.
  11. READ –> REVISE –> solve QUESTIONS –> again REVISE –> REPEAT from solve QUESTIONS. This is the best strategy to clear Prelims.

Stay tuned for a flexible timetable and best upsc preparation strategy,…… To be continued for MAINS strategy also.

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