Cardinal directions
Cardinal Directions ( मुख्य दिशा )

The questions on direction sense are designed to judge your ability to trace your goal by applying a clear sense of direction. You need to visualise the directions (Hint: Imagine that you are moving on that path Please refer the SHORTCUT given below)

Just remember/understand above diagram, it’ll solve almost all problems.

Q.1. Mr. Ugach went 20 Km towards south and took right turn traveling 40 Km. Again he took right traveling 20 Km. Finally, he turned left traveling 30 Km. How far and in which direction is he from the starting point ?


Graphical Ans of Q.1 from Direction sense

In given image just imagine that you are going on that path and turns as directed in question. SHORTCUT for above question: Subtract opposite terms and add Like terms.
S   W  N  W
20 40 20 30
So, After removing S-N = 0 and adding W+W = 70 Km towards West
Here, Just subtract opposite directions and add the same directions i.e. If you are going 10 km North and again 10 km to South in same direction you’ll end up at same position so we can directly subtract N with S and vice versa.

Q.2.  A person walks 12 km due north, then 15 km due east, after that 19 km due west and then 15 km due south. How far is he from the starting point?

a) 5 km

b) 9 km

c) 37 km

d) 61 km

Q.3. Ramesh and Rohit start from the same point in opposite directions. After each 1 km, Ramesh always turns left and Rohit always turns right. Which of the following statements is correct ?

a) After both have travelled 2 km, the distance between them is 4 km.

b) They meet after each has travelled 3 km.

c) They meet for the first time after each has travelled 4 km.

d) They go on without ever meeting again.

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